Britain’s Race Realist Election


There was a programme on Channel 4 recently called ‘Britain’s Racist Election.’ It was centred on the area of Smethwick in the West Midlands Birmingham during the 1964 General Election. This was a time when the immigration invasion first began with the huge influx of Asians and Afro-Caribbeans coming to Britain on the back of the lie that they were needed to ‘rebuild Britain.’ It was this influx that was the start of the social and demographic engineering of Britain into a multiracial society in which the indigenous population were to become a minority.


The people of Smethwick in 1964 reacted angrily to having these racial aliens thrown into their community, they didn’t appreciate having to compete with these people for jobs and housing at a time when life was difficult enough for the white working class people all across Britain.

What was noticeable throughout the programme was the obvious racial consciousness that existed at that time, the whites of Smethwick identified as a race and were not afraid to stand up for their interests as whites. Yes they were hostile, but that is a natural reaction to your territory being invaded by outsiders. Any race of people would do the same, if 5000 whites were suddenly thrust into the poorest part of Africa, then the local Africans would certainly not approve of it nor would they appreciate having to compete for scarce resources. They would no doubt react with hostility to what they would see as a threat to themselves as a racial group. Nobody on the left would criticise the Africans for this, they would more than likely label it as being ‘white imperialism.’ Yet masses of Africans and Asians being forced onto the poor white working class people of Britain is said to be ‘diversifying and enriching.’


It wasn’t surprising to see that it was the Labour party who were pro-immigration, and the local whites were well aware of the fact. The Labour leader Harold Wilson labelled the opposition to immigration as “racial discrimination.” The people of Smethwick had voted for the  Conservative politician Peter Griffiths who stood for election campaigning on behalf of the locals who were totally opposed to their racial displacement. Labour politicians had described his election as ‘disgusting’ and the ‘worst thing to have happened in British politics.’ Even back then, the treachery was there for all to see, these politicians just expected the indigenous population to meekly accept what had been done to their community. Just like today, the masses of immigrants were not placed into the communities of the rich, the politicians didn’t have to live amongst it, they were forced onto the white working class who were then called ‘racists’ for opposing it. Exactly the same scenario as today, the masses of immigrants and their descendents are thrust into white working class areas and it is they who have to shoulder the burden and who have to see their nation and racial identity disappearing before their eyes.

What happened in 1964 and the reaction to it, manifests itself in the Britain you see today. The white working class people of Smethwick stood up to the social and demographic engineering that was taking place, the indigenous people of that era warned us what would happen in the future if the madness wasn’t stopped. Indeed 4 years later, conservative politician Enoch Powell gave his now infamous ‘rivers of blood’ speech in which he warned us of the dangers of continuing mass immigration. After his prophetic words, he was sacked from the shadow cabinet.


Again, this was a look into the future and the emerging Orwellian state that was being forced upon us. A state in which the freedom to give your opinion could see you lose your employment, your freedom, even your children. The ‘incorrect’ thoughts of non-conformists had to be punished severely to deter others from expressing such non-conformist views. It was also in this era that the tyrannical race laws were brought in to silence whites, and which still exist to this day having been made ever more tyrannical.

Birmingham today, and in particular the area of Smethwick, are now on the verge of becoming minority white if they are not already at that point. The warnings of 1964 were correct, nobody listened, and the Genocidal maniacs who brought multiracialism to our shores have succeeded in their goal of altering the racial identity of the British people forever. Whole towns and cities have been destroyed by forced multiracialism and the lies that empower it. Once thriving white working class communities have been lost to the hordes of non-whites. The whites moved out, they abandoned the so called ‘multiracial utopia’ that sas being forced upon them. White flight became the norm and still exists today, the majority of whites don’t want to live in the intolerable society that has been created around them.

What happened in 1964 was the beginning, what you see in 2015 is the beginning of the end. London, our supposed capital city is now minority white along with other towns and cities. Many are on the verge of becoming minority white. The demographic predictions are that indigenous white Brits will be a minority in Britain by 2066.  This isn’t what they call ‘diversity’ and it isn’t what they call ‘enrichment,’ it is Genocide. It is population replacement with Genocidal intent, it is the purposeful demographic engineering of an entire racial group of people into a racial minority.

The white residents of Smethwick who fought against their racial displacement and who were bombarded with the ‘racist’ tag were absolutely right in what they said. They told us that we would be taken over, they told us that the future would see blacks and Asians dominate Britain. These warnings, which have been given year after year and which are still given today, were said to be ‘scaremongering,’ they were called ‘lies’ and ‘racist propaganda.’ Today however, they can no longer deny the fact that white Brits will become a minority as a result of the unforgivable mass immigration we have seen. The warnings we were given have been proven to be correct, so now they say “what does it matter” or “we are all the same anyway.” They actually try to play down and justify the demographic Genocide taking place against us.

In a mere 100 years, the unique racial and cultural identity of the British Isles has been destroyed. Conditions of life have been forced upon us that will see us reduced to a racial minority in our own ancestral homeland. This is Genocide going by the United Nations own definition of the term, not that we need their definition to tell us what we know to be true anyway.

This has been done as part of a politically and ideologically motivated anti-white agenda, it has not happened by accident, people are criminally responsible for what has happened and what continues to happen. People who we entrusted to govern us have betrayed the British people on a scale never seen before. It is a crime worthy of the gallows, yet the British people consumed by mass apathy and naivety and who are emerged in the materialistic world which dumbs them down to what is going on around them, still refuse to acknowledge the very real and serious danger that our future generations face. They continue to vote for the political party’s that have done this, they vote for selfish short term financial gains, they vote for the lies of ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ thinking it is somehow morally superior not to oppose their own irreversible racial displacement when in actual fact it is suicidal insanity to not only ignore your displacement, but to actually facilitate it.

The majority of whites watching that programme would have been ‘horrified’ at the ‘racism’ of the people in Smethwick in 1964. That is how low we have sunk as a people, so low that the majority would look down on those people who were trying to ensure the future of this country and a future for generations of whites still to be born. If it were any other race on any other continent, then they would applaud them for standing up for their people. As soon as whites are shown to be standing up for their interests as whites however, then it is considered to be ‘evil and racist.’

The only way we stand a chance as a race in our ancestral homeland is to rediscover that racial consciousness that the people of Smethwick displayed. Without it we are finished and will succumb to rising tide of colour that we will eventually drown in as a people.


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