Communistic Leftism is the Deceptive Myth – Nationalism is the Natural Reality


One of the best explanations I have come across that explains the differences between the left and right as they are commonly known, ie Communistic left and Nationalistic right, is as follows:

The Communistic left always preach about equality and egalitarianism, they tells us what a ‘perfect world’ would and should be like. They believe in a Utopia, a fantasy, a myth. They believe that we can attain this Utopia, if only we believe that everybody is equal, and that there are no differences between the races, between men and women etc. If we abolish borders and become a ‘unified humanity’ they believe, then we can have this Utopia.

On the other hand, the Nationalistic right, say that the world doesn’t quite work like that. People are not equal, the races are different, men and women are also different, there are superior cultures, not all cultures are equal and relative.

Nationalists say how the world actually is, Nationalists say that there is no mythical egalitarian Utopia that can be achieved, because human nature and natural facts mean that it is nothing more than wishful thinking to suggest that we can all be considered equal, and live happily ever after in a world in which its population is believing in and living a lie.

Nationalists acknowledge that true global diversity exists, whilst the left disregard true global diversity in favour of human uniformity and sameness. This is Anti-Diversity.

Communistic leftism is the unattainable false dream, and Nationalism is the natural reality.

The left say ‘this is how the world should be,’ and we, as Nationalists say this is how the world is, and that it cannot be changed, that we have to embrace the laws of nature and not try to redefine nature and reality to achieve a non-existent ‘perfect world.’ The Communistic left can try and ‘change human nature’ to create the ‘new communist man,’ and they can try to distort natural realities, but nature will never allow it. Sooner or later nature will restore order, nature will reintroduce and reinstate the natural order of things.

The left have portrayed this reality as being ‘hateful’ and ‘racist,’ ‘Intolerant’ and ‘discriminatory.’ But the most hateful racist and intolerant thing on Earth is Mother Nature and the reality that she brings and makes clear to us on a daily basis.

No amount of nice sounding words, indoctrination, lies or airy fairy wishes will ever create the so called Communistic utopian ‘dream.’ It was a scam from the very first day.

The ‘dream’ of an egalitarian utopia has always been based on lies. From the earliest days of Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto, to the Judeo-Bolsheviks and their revolution, to the Judeo Frankfurt School and their transformational Marxism based on Cultural theory rather than economic theory. It has all been based on deception. It has always been about tyrants selling the people a utopian myth in return for the people surrendering their nations to a Jewish internationalist scam.

If you wanted to control the world, what would you promise the people of the world? Total equality? Fairness? Tolerance? Diversity? Freedom? Acceptance? A share of the wealth? All nice sounding words and promises that appeal to the hearts and minds of the people. If you then said that the current system was oppressive, what would happen? The people would move towards the false promises of the eternal decievers. Classic divide and conquer using the Hegelian Dialectic ie problem reaction solution. This divide and conquer strategy is still being used today both internally (nationally) and externally (globally). Recent global affairs especially in the Middle East and the Ukraine, are manifestations of this Jewish divide and conquer tactic that has been used against us so effectively for many centuries.

In Cultural Marxist terms, they say that white Western civilisation is  oppressive, racist, homophobic,  misogynistic, anti-semitic etc, and that for this to change the culture must change and white Europeans must be reduced to a minority in their own homelands. All minority groups whether they be racial, sexual, or religious must be empowered to work against the majority population. Through control of media, academia, politics, businesses and entertainment they are able to sell these falsehoods to the masses who then go on to facilitate their own destruction. This is also part of what has been termed Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy.

In Western civilisation today, this strategy is being used to devastating affect. The Cultural Marxists believe they can create this mythical Utopia of universal equality, and have identified their target in which to turn the people against. And the target is the people themselves, the target is the white heterosexual male and the white European people as a whole, their identity, their culture, their morality and traditions have replaced the capitalist bourgeoisie as the so called oppressor group, and all of the imported ‘victim groups’ are now the new ‘oppressed class’ having replaced the ‘untrustworthy’ Western white working class who rejected Communism and its false promises.

Communism identified the Capitalist system as being oppressive in order to turn the working classes into a revolutionary force which would gain them power. Communism was a deception financed by the very people they had portrayed as the oppressors. Jewish capitalist bankers such as Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg, financed Communism specifically for Jewish group interests in Russia, and then sought to export this deception across the West. It failed ultimately in its violent form because the workers of the West rejected it in favour of the family, religion and patriotism. Hence the new strategy employed by the Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt School to deconstruct and subvert Western cultural institutions from within, bringing them around slowly to a Communist way of thinking. They did this using the strategy of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist who was opposed to the violent form of Communism, and who advocated a ‘long march through the institutions.’ Gramsci believed that violent Communism would always fail in the long run because violence always breeds resistance. Therefore violent Communism would result in violent repercussions and eventual collapse. Subversion and indoctrination via the institutions was a much better way Gramsci surmised, even if it did take longer to achieve.

Communism/Cultural Marxism is against the natural order of things because they know that the natural order of things is a barrier they cannot overcome. They believe that for this mythical Utopia to be achieved, that a ‘new  Communist man’ has to be created, or a ‘new order of things’ a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing the world. They can, and have, caused a lot of damage in pursuing this unachievable aim, but mother nature always restores order in the end. Many many millions of people have died in the pursuit of and a belief in this ‘utopia.’

Communism and its offshoot Cultural Marxism, are tools of the Jewish financial elite and their goyim lackeys, designed to deconstruct nations and cultures in order to control them, selling the myth of universal equality to entice the gullible masses towards doing the dirty work of the Jewish elite and their agenda of global control. Creating a world bereft of identity and full of consumer materialistic robots is the strategy to achieve this.

Nations with strong racial and cultural identities are not so easily controlled, hence the all out assault on Western nations which once upon a time were fully aware of hostile outgroups and agendas such as Communism.

The only way they could ever hope to destroy these nations and control them was through subversion. And that is what has happened in the West during the 20th century and into the 21st century.

Far from creating a ‘utopia,’ we are now living in a Dystopian Cultural Marxist nightmare.

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