UKIP is the party of Civic Nationalists who do not care about the future of the indigenous British people



If you are a British Racial Nationalist and care about the future of your people as a race in their ancestral homeland, then UKIP is not going to do a single thing to ensure that your ancestral homeland remains in the image of your ancestors. UKIP do not care about ensuring the future of your children as whites in their indigenous homeland.

UKIP may very well get Britain out of the European Union which is something all Nationalists desire and recognise as being vitally important, but the future of the indigenous British people is not being destroyed by EU immigration. If Britain were to leave the European Union tomorrow, then the vast majority of EU migrants would leave and go back to their homelands.

The demographic dystopia facing Britain is because of Mass Third World Immigration which has changed our major towns and cities irreparably. These people will not leave tomorrow, and the demographic nightmare will still remain. It is Mass Third World Immigration that will see the British people become a racial minority in their own country this century. Anybody who supports this is an enemy of the white European in Britain.

UKIP speaks about opposing immigration from the Eastern European nations formerly under Communist rule, and that is fine, I don’t support EU immigration either, I want Britain to have total control of its borders and not be dictated to by some globalist/marxist dictatorship in Brussels. However supporting and desiring non-EU immigration from the Commonwealth is totally defeating the object and shows that UKIP are not the solution, but part of the long term problem for the racial future of Britain.

It beggars belief that Britain should find itself in such a state, and a party like UKIP should rise to prominence on an anti-immigration ticket when they actually SUPPORT immigration. They support the type of immigration that will see the indigenous British people engineered into a minority. How is that in the best interests of Britain? How can any so called British Nationalist support that? It is insane.

UKIP may be viewed as the only option by some, and to an extent I can see why they would think that. There isn’t a viable alternative, which shows the complete and utter failure of Nationalist politics in Britain when UKIP take over the mantle of Britain’s primary ‘anti-immigration’ party.

Britain, like all other Western European nations affected by Mass Third World Immigration, should be voting overwhelmingly for political partys that oppose ALL immigration and who wish to preserve the racial and cultural identity of the nation in which they live. It really is a pathological insanity that leads a people to vote for their own genocide in light of the blatant anti-white agenda at play, the obvious corruption of the entire democratic system, and the impending minority status of your own people.

No longer can the excuse of having been brainwashed be accepted as a valid reason for their stupidity and naivety. They have been given the warnings, they were told what the agenda was and why, and they chose to ignore it. That makes them complicit in my eyes.

UKIP is a party that believes in the genocidal scam that is multiculturalism or to give its real title, multiracialism. UKIP is a party that supports the diversity deception. UKIP don’t want to shut the borders, they want to open them elsewhere. UKIP is a party that receives Jewish funding, that isn’t a surprise considering UKIP actually support the ongoing destruction of the indigenous people of Britain.

Richard Desmond, has funded UKIP to the tune of £300,000. He is the Jewish owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines, such as OK! and New!, and British national newspapers Daily Star and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns Portland TV which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, Channel 5 and others 

This funding is for UKIP to fight the upcoming election campaign, but far from being about support for UKIP rhetoric, it is about yet more Jewish financial control of the British political arena, a finger in the proverbial pie. It isn’t just a coincidence that whenever a political party rises out of nothing that Jewish funding is soon to be found. Any party that appeals to the public and could possibly become a political powerhouse has to be controlled by the Jews in one way or another.

UKIP is a political party that is supported by civic nationalist types. People who believe that anybody can be British so long as they embrace our culture and our way of life. Civic ‘nationalists’ don’t care about race, they care only about culture, yet they fail to understand that once the race who created the culture dissappears, then the culture goes with it. Isn’t it pretty obvious that when you replace the indigenous racial group with other races and cultures, then the culture will change also. Once white Brits become the minority in Britain, then the culture created over thousands of years by the ancestors of white Brits, will no longer be the dominant culture and it will be replaced by the hordes of Africans, Asians and the standing army of Islamic invaders brought to you courtesy of the Jew.

Civic ‘nationalists’ would be quite happy to see Britain as a minority white place, they don’t mind that London is already minority white along with other towns and cities. All that matters to them is that whoever is living on British shores ‘respects the flag’ and ‘integrates into our society.’ This mindset is severely damaging to our future as a racial group in Britain. They are no better than the leftists who spew out their anti-white bile.

I can understand why a lot of people will vote for UKIP, especially because of a growing hostility towards the European Union, pressure on public services and no control over our borders. I just hope that if and when we do eventually break free of the European Union, people realise that the problem is still here. It won’t have just gone away, we will still be on course to become a racial minority in our own country because despite EU immigration being damaging in its own way, the real demographic future is with those who are already turning our towns and cities into third world enclaves.


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