George Lincoln Rockwell on the Impact of Feminism and its Assault on the Natural Roles of the Sexes


Quotes from ‘This Time the World’

Without anybody coming out and saying it, the mad scramble for ‘democracy’ has been extended to the sexes and the natural dominance of the male, and the passive submission of the female, which are basic to both natures and absolutely necessary to their happiness, have been scorned as evil carry-overs from our animal natures. A ‘modern’ girl cannot avoid the impression that it is somehow ‘inferior’ to be ‘just a woman’ or ‘just a housewife and mother’, and the corresponding idea, therefore, that she must try to ‘be somebody’ or ‘do something worthwhile’ by having a ‘career’. She receives all sorts of ‘education’, particularly in college, which is not only useless if she becomes a wife and mother, but which irritate and frustrate her natural capacities. It is not hard to understand how a woman trained as an expert lawyer might chafe at the humdrum life of a wife and mother despite the fact that such a feminine life is desperately important to her own happiness as a person and to society.

The effort of feminists and liberals to ‘correct’ what Nature has decreed, whether the effort is ‘good’ or bad, can lead only to misery for those who attempt to fly in the face of a cold and merciless Nature, and a social agony for a world which is deprived of warm and submissive females and mothers.

It is a mark of insanity for an individual to ignore reality and act as if he were something which he is not. It is no less insane when women pretend that their female natures do not exist, that they are not only the ‘equals’ of men, but the same as men, except for a slight physiological difference. No matter how a few of them manage to succeed in the poses of engineers and steel-workers and fighter pilots and business executives, women today, as a group, are fundamentally acting in the manner of the insane: defying and ignoring reality. The results are frightfully visible in our whole civilization. The women are becoming masculinized, while the men are getting feminized. One has only to look at a crowd of our teenagers to see how things are going. They wear the same tight pants, the same jackets and the same hats — even the same duck-tailed hairdos. We are breeding and training up a generation of jazzed-up, negroidal, neutered queers.

Our whole approach to women today, as with most of our social attitudes, is that of the Soviets who have women in the army, working in the streets and even in firing-squads, just like men. God save us from such women! Women are indeed the equal of men, as a group, only when they fulfill the task for which Nature equipped and made them — motherhood. Man was designed, even in the creative process itself, to supply the spark, the drive and the aggressive push of life, while woman is designed to supply the basic building material of new life; nourish, treasure, warm and guide it, until it can sustain its own life. There is no escape from this fate, even if it were bad, which it is not.

“If a man is to be honored for making cigars or building bridges or making beer, as our great businessmen are, then surely we ought to honor those who make our people! But the trouble is that our insane ‘liberal’ attitude toward motherhood and homemaking has given women an impossible inferiority complex and frustration about their possible and real achievements in life. We train our girls by the millions to be anything but successful wives and mothers, lead them to believe they are to be an ‘equal’ part of a ‘man’s world’, when the truth is that it is only Nature’s world, and man’s share in it is no greater or more glorious than that of a female-oriented woman who produces, brings up and gives to society a family of happy people.” – George Lincoln Rockwell

If our girls were brought up from first consciousness to realize the absolute and total inevitability of their mission in life, but above all to be proud of that mission; train for and then fulfill it joyously, there would be no more talk of ‘achieving’ equality. They would find that Nature has already given them equality in generous measure, if only they will accept it. There can be no sense in discussing the superiority of negative or positive electricity in a battery; they are merely different forms of the same thing, but the difference is vital if there is to be any current. When the male and female potential or voltages are permitted to become ‘equal’, they must be strongly opposite or the current will stop. The current is stopping as our broken families and marriages show. In my own case, my first partner was wretchedly twisted from what I am sure were originally good, basic, natural instincts. But even more important, I was ‘civilized’ and ‘liberalized’ out of my own savage male instincts of force and domination which, if properly controlled, could have saved both my wife and our marriage. It is not women who are at fault in the growing madness of our family and our sexual frustration, it is the men who have permitted it. The women are still born passive and submissive and if our fathers and grandfathers had not failed them as a group, as I failed my first wife as an individual, they would still, as a group, be enjoying their birthright and the honor owed them by society for being the most exalted manufacturers and executives in the world, the manufacturers of Our People!

Upon achieving power, one of our first tasks will be an all-out public relations drive to help our entire population — men and women — to see that ‘motherhood’ is not the silly, sloppy thing which is made of it today, for ‘the benefit of florists and greeting card publishers; the ‘momism’ described by Philip Wylie which has made so many ‘mama’s boys’ and spoiled brats in our society, but a profession every bit as exacting, scientific and honorable as the law, medicine or education.

These latter professions merely help the results of the profession of motherhood. It is the part of the women to produce and give to society people who have just the right combination of discipline and love to make people happy and capable citizens.

Where a doctor or a lawyer spends years and years of preparation for his work, and then more years of apprenticeship, most of our mothers today spend their years preparing to be writers, artists, executives or some other kind of ‘career girls’, which few of them actually become, while their only training for their real profession in life consists perhaps in a high school ‘Home Ec’ course in how to make a few fancy salads and paperback ‘romance’. They plunge into the world’s most important, most honorable and most exacting profession, knowing nothing of childhood disease, scientific family budgeting, psychology of children (and husbands) or any of the other vital professional subjects which would make the first years of marriage such a relatively orderly and pleasant experience, instead of a wildly chaotic mess every time ‘something’ happens to the baby and mother either knows nothing about it at all or knows only old-wives’ tales.

If a lawyer or a doctor attempted to practice as soon as he had purchased a few medicine or law books, the way our women plunge into the business of making human beings and happy families, they would be arrested. The law and medicine would be impossible chaos, which is exactly the state of our ‘modem’ family system as shown by sky-rocketing juvenile delinquency and millions of wrecked families and broken homes. Our civilization is no longer as simple as the pioneering society of our forebears and, if family life is to survive — as it must survive, if our race is to survive — then we must stop the insane business of considering a mother and homemaker ‘just a housewife’ who needs no special education for her job. We must give our girls the necessary skills and knowledge for their actual and unavoidable profession first and then, if there is time and money and inclination, give them a ‘liberal’ education or any other kind of education, so long as it does not give them the frustrating idea that they should be engineers, actresses, fighter pilots, etc.

Finally, and most important, we must honor them, as we now honor doctors and lawyers. We must establish professional women’s schools and universities dedicated not to ‘home economics’, but to the exalted profession of Family Science. We must get rid of the disgusting connection of ‘homemaking’ with the dust mop, dishpan and dirty diapers, and make it clear to our people that these tasks are no more the essence of Family Science than sweeping out the office is the essence of being a lawyer, even though a lawyer has to do this himself. When our whole people have been given this new understanding of the real ‘equality’ of women and when they are honored by professional degrees in their all-important science of the organization, care and management of a plant for the intelligent production of decent human beings, there will be less of the misery which lies deep in so many of our girls who wind up with a dishpan or diaper pail after a Cinderella dream of ‘better things’ all their younger days.


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