Sky News displays blatant Racial Bias in their reporting


Sky News has just showed the complete racial bias in their reporting, yet 99.9% of people watching it will not have noticed it. They showed CCTV footage of an attack on 15 year Alan Cartwright who was stabbed to death in Islington London by a gang of blacks on Friday night. They didn’t mention the race of those suspected of being the killers nor did they mention that Alan was a 15 year old white victim.

They then went on to report the police shooting of a homeless man in America, they had no problems in describing him as a “black homeless man” insinuating the incident was racially motivated. Sky News had no problem pushing the Victimhood narrative of blacks, but wouldn’t dare mention the race of an innocent 15 year old white boy stabbed to death by the multicultural enrichers we are instructed to ’embrace.’

When Stephen Lawrence was murdered, the media went on a decades long campaign to have the killers brought to justice. It became trial by media as names and images were released by media sources to incite reprisals or arrest and imprisonment, even though those linked with the attack had initially been cleared. I wonder if these media sources will now do the same for this poor innocent white boy who was simply riding his bike and was stabbed to death by three blacks. Of course they won’t, they don’t care about the deaths of whites at the hands of the multicultural multiracial enrichers. The media is instructed not to report about non-white crime.

The lives of young white people in Britain are not seen as being of equal value to non-whites. There are literally thousands of whites that have been victims of what I term diversity crime. They have been victims of state imposed racial and cultural diversity that the British people never asked for and were never consulted about. There were 1400 white victims of diversity rape in Rotherham alone, across the country this runs into many thousands and that is just diversity rape and grooming. The amount of victims of diversity murder, diversity robbery, diversity assault must be in the tens if not hundreds of thousands.

The National Union of Journalists ‘Guidelines on Race Reporting’ states:

‘Do not sensationalise race relations issues. It harms Black people and it could harm you.’

What about white people being harmed? What about whites suffering because of hostile racial out-groups? The media won’t report about it or ‘sensationalise it’ because they say it causes ‘racism’ towards blacks. This is clearly a racial bias in their reporting and is anti-white racism.

Anti White racist murders ignored by police and media:


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One Response to Sky News displays blatant Racial Bias in their reporting

  1. angrywhite says:


    Alan Cartwright, 15, Islington, N.London, 27 Feb 2015
    Jordan Brennan,17, Gorton, Manchester, 10 Oct 2014.
    Charlie Burns, 19, Hackney, N.London, 21 Aug 2014.
    Kieran Raiswell, 18, Whalley Range, Manchester, 16 Jan 2013.
    Thomas Overton, 18, Leyton, E.London, 19 Aug 2012.
    Danny O’Shea, 18, Canning Town, E.London, 2 Dec 2011.
    Nicholas Pearton, 16, Sydenham, S.E.London, May 2010.
    Martin Bilaszewski, 19, Finsbury Park station, N.London. 6 May 2010.
    Ben Kinsella, 16, Islington, N.London, 29 June 2008.
    Jimmy Mizen, 16, Lee, S.E.London, May 2008.
    Robert Knox, 18, Sidcup, Kent. May 2008.
    Alex Holroyd, 19, Bradford, Yorks. Jan. 2008
    Jack Large, 14, Grange Hill, Essex. 30 Nov 2007.
    Stuart Lowe, 18, Warrington, Lancs, 17 Oct. 2007.
    Andrew Holland, 16, Farnworth near Bolton, Lancs, 17 Aug 2007.
    Martin Dinnegan, 14, Holloway, N.London , 26 June 2007.
    Ben Hitchcock, 16, Beckenham, S.London, 23 June 2007.
    Kenneth Cole, 13, Burnley, Lancs,14 Feb. 2007.
    Ian Page, 19, Colindale, N.W.London, 12 Nov. 2006.
    David Strizegauskas, 13, Upton Park, E.London, 27 Apr 2006.
    Christopher Davis, 17, Barking, E.London 19 Jan. 2006.
    Jason Mayze, 16, St Helens, Liverpool, 13 Jan 2006.
    Ben Bellamy, 17, Swansea, South Wales, Sept. 2005.
    Kris Donald, 15, Glasgow, Scotland,15 March 2004.
    Jason Ripley, 17, Huddersfield, Yorks, Feb 2004.
    Ashley Hedger, 16, Upton Park, London, 16 Jan 2004.
    Terry Gregory, 19, Woolwich, S.E.London, 28 Dec 2003.
    Sean Whyte, 17, Colne, Lancs. 29 Sept. 2003.
    Gavin Hopley, 19, Oldham, Lancs, 16 Feb 2002.
    Owain Leeson, 17, Sheffield, Yorks, 14 Feb 2002.
    Ross Parker, 17, Peterborough, Cambs, 23 Sept 2001.
    Liam Gall, 18, Redditch, Worcs, 26 Sept. 2000.
    Jonathan Coles, 18, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, 11 June 1999.
    Jamie Robe, 17, Rotherhithe, E.London, August 1997.
    Andrew Steventon, 17, Birmingham, June 1996.
    Danny Westmacott, 16, Edmonton, London, 8 Feb 1996.
    Michael Dooher, 19, Lichfield, Staffordshire, 2 Sept. 1995.
    Richard Everitt, 15, Kings Cross, London, August 1994.
    Philip Gosling, 13, Handsworth, Birmingham, Feb. 1994.
    Raymond Kelly, 17, Hartley Wintney, Hants. 1 Feb. 1991.
    Stuart Gough,14, Hagley, Worcs, 17 Jan. 1988.
    Sean Keynes,15, Lozells, Birmingham, 22 May 1986.
    Robert Vaughan, 17. Southwark, S.London, 4 Feb. 1984.
    Colin Reid, 18, Hitchin, Herts, 8 Oct 1983.
    Terry May, 19, Thornton Heath, Surrey, 1 June 1981.
    John Hunt, 18, Middlesborough, Tyne and Wear, 19 Aug. 1961.

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