Cultural Marxist Left use Repressive Tolerance to Interrupt UKIP Conference


It is no secret that we aren’t the biggest fans of UKIP, but this ‘opposition’ to their national conference today is not what the media terms as being ‘anti-ukip’ protesters. They are far left government sponsored political thugs who employ Marcusian Repressive Tolerance against anybody and everybody who does not support Mass Immigration and their dystopian worldview. Amongst this group will members of Unite Against Fascism, Socialist Workers Party and other assorted Communistic front groups.

Isn’t it strange how when a political party achieves a level of popular support that isn’t for the two main parties, and when this popular support goes to a party that speaks about immigration, then the Cultural Marxist left are out on the streets doing the dirty work of the Jewish globalists who want, support, encourage and promote Mass Immigration. The left have always been whores of International Finance which in reality is Jewish Globalism.

Ukip has Jewish funding and policies that are far from being the long term solution to the demographic nightmare facing Britain, so this isn’t a post in support of them, but yet again is proof of Jewish money controlling all political organisations that have a level of popularity with the people. In other words it is control of potential opposition.

UKIP spring conference leads to clashes in Margate:

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