Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism


One of the key aspects of Cultural Marxism is Postmodernism:

Postmodernism is opposed to civilisation and in paticular Western civilisation, and it is opposed to any truth that society has accepted as absolute truth. That could be religious or moral truths that postmodernists disagree with, and seek to discredit and destroy in the long term (long march through the institutions) in order to remould thought and ‘human consciousness’ into anti Nation, anti religious, anti family, anti-gender and anti identity sentiments. This we can see everywhere.

It is closely assosiated with Marxist theory and is a very complicated term, it branches off into many directions but ultimately seeks the end of all standards, morals, traditions and truths that have become foundations of our civilisation, and what they consider to be a hierarchical domination over people and society.

Postmodernism sees the world emerging out of modernism ie the modern world, which gave birth to the rise of Western civilisation as an economic, cultural and technological power house. They believe that the pre and modern worlds gave rise to ‘oppressive’ economic and cultural ideas namely religion, Monarchy, capitalism and Patriotism. They see Western civilisation as one of war and suffering and never see it as the civilisation that brought so much to the world in science, technology, medicine, discovery, space exploration, art, music, etc. In fact the list literally is endless. The postmodernist sees the West as imperialist and speaks only of real or perceived Western wrong doings that every civilisation has been guilty of at some point in history, thier focus though is and always has been on the real or perceived wrong doings of Western civilisation.

A sense of loyalty and duty to ones Nation, culture, or religion, is seen as the people displaying these qualities being victims of circumstances, ie postmodernism believes that it is a system of values  they are born into, and have no choice in deciding for themselves. So anybody who is religious or patriotic are propping up this ‘oppressive’ society in the eyes of the postmodernist. To the postmodernist everything is a social construct, ie not real.

The modern world as they view it has come to an end, it has failed and they now pursue a post modern era free of all those cultural aspects and economic factors that built the most advanced and culturally strong continent on Earth.

In thier mindset the post modern world is a progression from the ‘fraud’ that is the modern world. They believe it to be a fraud because the major advances of the modern world are still ‘oppressive.’

We no longer should desire the teachings of religion as a moral foundation of society, or desire ‘hierarchical’ foundations such as the Nation or the family for example. Society, they say, is split into the haves and the have nots. Whites they say, and in particular White males are at the forefront of this ‘oppression’. The family, with the father as head of the family is a part of this ‘oppression’. Technological advances of the modern world are seen as dangerous and ‘oppressive’ ie advances in military technology, and this is where the anti war leftists are found. Anybody can be anti war but this particular strand is anti-Western and revolutionary in its aims.

Economically, they see capitalism as the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, which is true to an extent in the case of internationalist super capitalism were big corporations and big central banks get rich off the backs of all of us. However postmodernism believes that White society and White males are guilty of this abuse of the average man and woman, therefore believing that only an end to White societies and cultures will ‘solve’ this problem. These are just some of the many postmodernist claims, and they substitute the real people behind this ie Jewish globalists, for a supposedly ‘white elite.’

The basic tenet of Postmodernism is that nothing is an absolute truth, as an example they would argue for example that the word of God is not an absolute truth, and through individual ‘freedom’ they should be able to decide for themselves what they believe to be true whether that ‘truth’ as they see it is ludicrous to wider society.

People are free to believe in God if they so wish, but Postmodernism does not acknowledge this as individual choice, but rather use this to pursue their revolutionary agenda.
The same applies to thier rebellious attitude towards the Nation, culture, tradition, the family and all foundations born out of the pre and modern worlds. They see them as outdated, and oppressive and see themselves as having an individual right, through rationality and human reason to reject cultural norms in favour of post modern ideas that are revolutionary and opposed to all forms of religion (Christianity in particular), patriotism, family values and the concepts of good and evil.

Postmodernism sees the world through an egalitarianist viewpoint.  Everything should be equal, and through deconstructing the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ this they believe will come about. This false idea manifests itself in many ways. The Nation and its cultural and ethnic identity will be eradicated in favour of a borderless world where eveybody is the same and ‘equal’.

This is pure fantasy as it has never, and will never be the case, that people will willingly give up thier National identity in favour of no identity, this is happening across the West only through stealthily subverting the people and particularly the youth through deceit and manipulation via institutions such as the media, entertainment industry and the education system.

This false egalitarianism extends to a much wider array of crackpot ideas such as wealth, gender roles and radical feminist ideas for example. Personal wealth and private property would be seized and redistributed among the collective group ie the community, which is communism by another name much like cultural marxism.

I do believe that the immoral wealth of Jewish globalist banks and privately owned globalist corporations are corrupt in the extreme, what I am opposed to is the ridiculous argument that White Western culture, morals traditions and standards are to blame. The postmodernists and the Cultural Marxists are the useful idiots of the globalist elite. They serve a purpose in playing a vitol role in the divide and conquer strategy, which is employed to achieve Jewish hegemony, globalism/Nwo and a world with no National boundries or cultural identity ie a global community enslaved by international finance. They dont see this and believe that they are ‘righteous’ when in reality they are furthering the agenda of those who also wish to see the end of Western civilisation and who also apparently oppose.

The traditional family environment is seen as a social construct by the postmodernists, they say there is no traditional family and that the family advances capitalism, again the same rhetoric as communism. The natural gender roles of the man and woman in raising a family are ridiculed, and described as old fashioned Christian enslavement of women and children believing that children are better raised and educated outside of the family environment. This is where radical feminism comes into play and the homosexual agenda.

Postmodernism suggests that the roles of the mother and father are ‘oppressive’ against women. They argue that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexualuality and is just as natural as the traditional family, because the traditional family is a social construct and ‘not real’.

Race is another area where postmodernism plays the social construct card, they deny the differences between the races and scream ‘racist’ at anybody who dares to highlight that fact. Just as they scream ‘racist’ at anybody who displays an ethnic and cultural awareness. To the Postmodernist, there is no such thing as diversity of mankind because in their opinion ‘difference is a social construction and we are all the same’.

So we can see how postmodernism and Cultural Marxism go hand in hand in terms of thier assault on the West. It is a very complex subject with no agreed upon definition but nevertheless, it runs through our education systems like blood runs through our veins. It is Marxist at its core and when applied into cultural terms becomes Cultural Marxism.

This is a very brief attempt at trying to explain how Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism are both sides of the same coin. The important thing to note is that postmodernism is at the root of Cultural Marxism as is critical theory.


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