The Entire Political Establishment in Britain is Unfit for Purpose


Rotherham Council has been described as “unfit for purpose” in a report commissioned by ‘Communities Secretary’ Eric Pickles. All council leaders have subsequently resigned as a result.

A bit of background information for those outside of the UK unaware of what happened in Rotherham. 1400+ young white girls were sexually abused by gangs of Pakistani Muslim men, the number of victims is rising by the hundreds as more and more people are coming forward. The local Labour council, social services and police force did nothing to deal with the problem, they exacerbated it with their total inability to deal with the industrial scale abuse of our nations young girls. The fear of being labeled ‘racist’ led to the police force ignoring the victims. That 6 letter word used so often to silence people, was responsible for an organisation employed to protect the people failing so badly in its duty to protect citizens. Shame on them.

The Labour run council also ignored the problem and covered it up, they refused to address the racial nature of the crimes being committed and allowed children to continue to be abused. These treacherous scum who support open borders mass immigration and multiculturalism, are every bit as responsible and guilty of these crimes as the perpetrators. As far as I am concerned they should be in the dock standing next to their ‘culture enriching’ chums. People who did highlight the racial nature of the grooming were sent on diversity training courses, you really couldn’t make it up. This is what Cultural Marxism creates, it is a scourge on society.

This isn’t a problem confined to Rotherham, this is a nationwide problem. In every town and city with a Muslim population there have been instances of child grooming, even in the university town of Oxford. It is a problem so vast that the victims must run into the tens of thousands across the country. It is a truly shocking betrayal of our nations young females and the whole political establishment is guilty, the antifa/uaf/swp traitors are to blame, the police are to blame and the social services are to blame. Every single council in this country are to blame, these Multiracialists who want to destroy our communities with their diversity deception have created a situation whereby our daughters are vulnerable in their own home towns and cities because of marauding foreigners grooming them for sexual abuse.

Over ten years ago, nationalists were exposing this mass abuse of our young girls at the hands of Pakistani grooming gangs, and they were labeled with the usual attack words of the Cultural Marxist left. The media set out to portray the truth as lies and racism, nationalists even ended up in court for daring to speak of the issues which years later were revealed to the nation as indisputable facts. They were attacked by the street thugs and useful idiots of financial democracy and globalism, ie the the far left attack dogs sponsored and funded by the government.

To think that in one town alone, 1400 young white working class girls have been victims of Muslim grooming gangs and that the police and local council ignored and covered it up for fear of being called racist. It is absolutely sickening and in many other nations the council buildings would now be nothing but smouldering ash. How dare these traitors allow this to happen to our children across this country. It is also staggering to think that an entire nation is so dumbed down and apathetic that that it becomes just another news story worthy of a grumble or two before they turn over to watch X factor.

Whilst Rotherham has been the centre of attention, the problem is much much bigger. The grooming has reached much farther than Rotherham. Never mind Rotherhams Labour council being “unfit for purpose,” the entire political establishment in Britain is unfit for purpose and is guilty of crimes against their own people. They should all be arrested and imprisoned for their purposeful cultural and demographic destruction of the nation. There is a general election coming up soon, and these same politicians and political party’s who created the conditions for this to happen, will be voted in again. It then becomes the guilt of the British people. Continuing to vote for these people is giving them your consent to continue doing what they have done with impunity for decades.

Multiculturalism is the problem:

It isn’t just the mass grooming that has taken place that is the problem.  It is multiculturalism as a whole that is the problem. How many of our nations men, women and children have been victims of the ‘culture enrichers?’ How many robberies? Rapes? Murders? Assaults? How many lives have been ruined by the diversity deception across the nation and across the Western world?

The mentally unstable left will claim that ‘all people commit crime’ and that ‘it has nothing to do with race or immigration.’ They are wrong, it has EVERYTHING to do with race and immigration. Yes indigenous British people commit crimes, but they are our problem to deal with and we have enough of them without importing the criminals from the rest of the world in some suicidal belief in a world with no borders with no races and cultures. Our men women and children should NEVER be in a situation where they face robbery, rape, murder or assault from anybody, even less a foreign born criminal. It is the worst kind of treachery.

These young white girls are victims of not only Muslim grooming gangs, but of politicians and left wing scum. They like all of us, have been betrayed and sold out to an agenda intent on our destruction as a nation and as a people.

It is time the British people turned off their televisions, and looked long and hard at what has been happening right under their noses for years. Your political establishment created the conditions for this to happen, so did your apathy, and so did the fifth columnists of the far left.

One day drastic change will sweep across Britain and Europe, and there will be no hiding place for TRAITORS.

Justice will be served.

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